An Introduction to Yōkai Culture. Monsters, Ghosts, and Outsiders in Japanese History.

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This book is both an introduction to the rich imagination and spirituality of Japan's yōkai culture and a history of the authors and writings that have shaped yōkai studies as a field.

Since ancient times, the Japanese have lived with superstitions of strange presences and phenomena known as "yōkai," creating a culture by turns infused with unease, fear, and divinity. Tsukimono spirit possessions. Fearsome kappa, oni, and tengu. Yamauba crones. Ghostly yūrei. Otherworldy ijin... Where did they come from? Why do they remain so popular? Written by Japan's premier scholar of yōkai and strange tales.

Auteur Komatsu Kazuhiko  
Vertalers Hiroko Yoda & Matt Alt  
Uitgever Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture  
Taal Engels  
Jaar van uitgave 2017  
Afmetingen 15 × 21 cm  
Kenmerken Paperback met stofomslag, 196 pagina's, enkele afbeeldingen in kleur  
ISBN 9784866580494