Japanese Warrior Prints 1646-1905

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Japanese Warrior Prints 1646–1905 is the first publication in the English language devoted entirely to the most neglected of the major genres in the history of Ukiyo-e: musha-e or images of warriors.

These works recreate in vivid detail the tales of great heroes and battles of Japanese history, especially from the tenth through sixteenth centuries. The publication is divided into two parts. The first is an ‘Introduction’ to the genre of musha-e, including a discussion of the evolution of the genre and the various influences that came to play on its development. The second comprises a ‘Catalogue’ of over 200 full-colour illustrations dating from the mid-seventeenth to twentieth centuries which have been grouped into sixteen subject categories.

Auteur James King & Yuriko Iwakiri
Uitgever Hotei Publishing
Taal Engels  
Jaar van uitgave 2007
Afmetingen 24,5 x 29,7 cm
Kenmerken Hardback met stofomslag, 400 pagina's, ruim 200 illustraties in kleur
ISBN 9789074822848