Myth and Deity in Japan - The Interplay of Kami and Buddhas

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This book by one of the Japan's most knowledgeable, penetrating, and eclectic scholars of Japanese religion and spirituality presents an engaging overview of the country's religious legacy, as well as offering insights into how religion can become a force

Shinto is a tradition native to Japan that arose naturally on the eastern fringe of the Eurasian continent and was woven over many years into the fabric of people's everyday lives. When Buddhism entered the country in the sixth century, the two religions—rather than competing with or seeking to marginalize the other—coalesced, embracing many other folk deities as well to create a singular combinatory religious culture that continues to permeate Japan's cultural life today.

Auteur Kamata Tōji  
Vertaler Gaynor Sekimori  
Uitgever Japan Publishing Industry Foundation for Culture  
Taal Engels  
Jaar van uitgave 2017  
Afmetingen 15,5 × 22,5 cm  
Kenmerken Paperback met stofomslag, 218 pagina's  
ISBN 9784866580524