The Women of the Pleasure Quarter: Japanese Paintings and Prints of the Floating World.

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This exotic catalogue features more than 200 reproductions, mostly in color, of paintings and woodblock prints depicting courtesans and geisha of Japan's licensed prostitution districts during the Edo period. [2e hands]

2e hands > Minimale gebruikssporen

Swinton explores in her introductory essay the ideal of the "floating world" associated with the women of the pleasure quarters-a metaphor of freedom and of living for the moment, exalted in novels, guidebooks and prints.

Anthropologist Liza Dalby looks at the isolated lives of high-class prostitutes who found a route out of poverty.

Kazue Edamatsu Campbell, a Japanese-language specialist at Boston University, decodes the artificial style of speech used by courtesans.

Mark Oshima, an expert on Kabuki theater, explains how the pleasure quarter-a veritable pressure cooker of desire, greed, love and pride-provided grist for Kabuki plays, and he focuses on male actors (onnagata) who specialized in female roles, projecting a soft, cultured ideal of femininity.

Auteur Elizabeth de Sabato Swinton  
Uitgever Hudson Hills  
Taal Engels  
Staat 2e hands > Minimale gebruikssporen  
Jaar van uitgave 1996  
Afmetingen 23,0 x 30,5 cm  
Kenmerken Paperback, 196 pagina's, illustraties, kleur  
ISBN 9781555951153