Hirado Ware. Japanese Hirado Porcelain 1640-1909.

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This catalogue shows 66 previously unpublished pieces of Hirado porcelain that constituted the exhibition in 1989. [Antiquarisch]

Antiquarisch > Nieuwstaat

This catalogue is dedicated to the task of upgrading the knowledge of Hirado porcelain through a critical assessment and correlation of previously published information, together with an evaluation of 66 previously unpublished pieces that constituted the exhibition in 1989.

Auteur C. Philip Cardeiro
Uitgever Art Asia Museum
Taal Engels  
Staat Antiquarisch > Nieuwstaat  
Jaar van uitgave 1989
Afmetingen 21,5 x 28,0 cm
Kenmerken Paperback, 76 pagina's, Illustraties, Kleur