Splendid Impressions. Japanese Secular Painting 1400-1900, in the Museum of East Asian Art Cologne.

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The first part of this book discusses the reception of Japanese art and the dawn of East Asian art history in Germany, and the role of the monk painter as mediator between Chinese and Japanese concepts of secular art. The main body shows 94 works.

This publication focuses on the collection of Japanese secular painting in the Museum of East Asian Art in Cologne, a large part of which was acquired by the museum’s founders Adolf and Frieda Fischer before 1913. Six internationally renowned specialists of Japanese art present new insights and approaches to pre-modern Japanese visual culture in this exquisitely illustrated catalogue.

The main body of the publication is the catalogue section. Here, 94 works (divided into seven subject categories) are presented: hand scrolls, fans, hanging scrolls and folding screens. All works are reproduced in full colour, many scrolls being shown in their entirety. Each chapter is preceded by an introduction, elucidating the historiographical, aesthetic and methodological questions that are central to current research in the visual culture of pre-modern Japan. The illuminating entries are followed by a comprehensive appendices section, including photographs of the paintings’ signatures, seals and transcriptions of the inscriptions in the paintings.

Splendid Impressions will serve as a reference source not only for curators, scholars and students of Japanese art and culture, but also for anyone who has a personal interest in Japanese painting.

Auteur Doris Croissant
Uitgever Hotei Publishing
Taal Engels  
Jaar van uitgave 2011
Afmetingen 24,5 x 29,7 cm
Kenmerken Hardback met stofomslag, 360 pagina's, rijk geïllustreerd, foto's van signaturen
ISBN 9789004206113